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The Artifacts - Between A Rock & A Hard Place - (Cassette Tape)


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A "Friends of Redef" release (This title is not affiliated with Redefiniton Records)

After nearly two decades out of print, Fat Beats has teamed up with legendary hip-hop group from NJ, The Artifacts, to give the group’s groundbreaking debut Between a Rock and Hard Place the reissue treatment it deserves. With production from Redman, Buckwild, T-Ray and other icons of the golden age, the 1994 album – a perfect snapshot of b-boy and graffiti culture in 90’s NJ/NYCNew York -- immediately catapulted MCs El Da Sensei and Tame One onto the forefront of the city’s exploding scene.

1. Drama (Mortal Kombat Fatality) 
2. C’mon Wit Da Git Down
3. Wrong Side Of Da Tracks
4. Heavy Ammunition
5. Attacks Of New Jeruzalum
6. Notity Headed Nigguhz
7. Whayback
8. Flexi With Da Tech(nique)
9. Cummin’ Thru Ya F-kin’ Block (ft.Redman)
10. Lower Da Boom
11. What Goes On?
12. Dynamite Soul
13. Whassup Now Muthaf-ka?