Test Pressings (Various Options / Artists)


Here's your one and only chance to grab a piece of history, in the form of one-of-a-kind test-pressings of some Redef classics, including records from Damu, Klaus Layer, El Da Sensei, K-Def and more.

These are super limited in quantities as they are real, used test pressings, not manufactured as collectibles or intended for resale. Outside of gifting a few to friends and artists, or shifting a copy or two at live events, we have never made these publicly available before.. until now. In most instances when we create a record, we order just 5 test pressings (note: this doesnt mean we sell 5 copies! We're only letting a single copy of each out the gate. Please DO NOT buy these with intentions of flipping it on discogs or ebay.).

Each test is unique, contains hand written notes on our in-house test pressing sleeve, and will likely shows signs of light use.

Prices and titles vary.