People Under The Stairs - The Gettin' Off Stage, Steps 1 & 2: Vocal Versions (Cassette)


      • Vocal Versions of PUTS TGOS Steps 1 & 2 on a single cassette tape.

      17 years since the inception of the group, the duo's tenth project reflects back on the path less traveled and distills their unique blend of funk into this - a cassette compiling the first two of a series of 6 song EP's that punctuate their long journey to arrive at The Gettin' Off Stage

      Side A (Vocal Versions)

      1. 100 Miles
      2. Runaway (feat. Greg Nice)
      3. #asapfreedumwillyum$
      4. Saturday Again
      5. Alleys (Bada)
      6. The Love

      Side B (Vocal Versions)

      1. Back From The Dead
      2. Graffiti on a High School Wall
      3. Feels Good
      4. Nightrunners
      5. Ste. for Superheroes
      6. After These Messages
      Performed by Thes One & Double K

      Produced by Thes One