• People Under The Stairs - The Gettin' Off Stage, Steps 1 & 2 Instrumentals (Cassette)
  • People Under The Stairs - The Gettin' Off Stage, Steps 1 & 2 Instrumentals (Cassette)
  • People Under The Stairs - The Gettin' Off Stage, Steps 1 & 2 Instrumentals (Cassette)

People Under The Stairs - The Gettin' Off Stage, Steps 1 & 2 Instrumentals (Cassette)

    Limited Edition Cassette Store Day Release from People Under The Stairs, includes instrumental versions of both TGOS Step 1 & 2.

    Side A

    1. 100 Miles (Instrumental)
    2. Runaway (Instrumental)
    3. #asapfreedumwillyum$ (Instrumental)
    4. Saturday Again (Instrumental)
    5. Alleys (Bada) (Instrumental)
    6. The Love (Instrumental)

    Side B

    1. Back From The Dead (Instrumental)
    2. Graffiti on a High School Wall (Instrumental)
    3. Feels Good (Instrumental)
    4. Nightrunners (Instrumental)
    5. Ste. for Superheroes (Instrumental)
    6. After These Messages (Instrumental)

    Produced by Thes One


    The collaboration between Piecelock70 & Redef continues! This time we’re presented with the long-awaited instrumental versions of People Under The Stairs “The Gettin' Off Stage, Steps 1 & 2 on your choice of a pair of individually packaged deluxe color 12”s (each record has a different blend) or both versions together one special edition cassette tape. Take note that the vinyl features stunning artwork provided by highly respected visual artist Joseph Buckingham (aka “Joe Buck,” best known for his iconic work for De La Soul on the “De La Soul is Dead” cover). The TGOS Instrumentals Vinyl artwork is presented as a trio of unique covers that connect to form one 36 inch wide illustration. Instrumental versions of both Steps 1 & 2 are on offer now, and word on the street is that Step 3 vocal & instrumental versions may follow soon after. The Instrumental tape includes versions of Steps 1 & 2 in a unique package that includes a clear tape with red leader, b&w photo labels and a custom transparent print instead of traditional J-Card.

    For 17+ years group members, Thes One and Double K have consistently worked to achieve world renown success and etch their place in history as one of Hip Hop's most elite groups.  Far from done, The Gettin' Off Stage (TGOS) is aptly titled to celebrate their tenth album which is a noteworthy event in itself.  Double K and Thes One chose an unorthodox method to stagger the full length song sequence across a trio of EPs (6 versions to be exact; 3 vocal EPs and 3 instrumental versions).  To date, Steps 1 & 2 have been extremely successful and well received by the group’s loyal fanbase and new listeners alike. Vinyl, CD's and tapes sold out in hours, a feat most indie artists and even some major acts would struggle to accomplish. The third installment and grand finale is under construction as we speak.  In the meantime, "the bomb combo" are providing listeners with an instrumental experience of the very music they compose, produce, arrange, record, mix and rap over.  Both members are equally commended for their beats/production as for their lyrics/rapping (as well as for their unparalleled and high energy live shows).  Sonically, PUTS evolves with every record from their handpicked and curated samples to every tweak of the mixing console in the full fledged analog/digital studio Thes personally built from the ground up.  Prepare yourself for impressive fidelity and production competitive with some of hip-hop’s best. The journey is well rounded in emotion, rhythm and tempo collaging the pop music of yesteryear including elements of world, jazz, soul/funk, rock and disco. The result is a new wave of timeless Hip Hop in the twenty teens and one they've perfected for over 2 decades since the 90's; 17 of which, the world has witnessed.  Currently touring sporadically in sold out performances worldwide; see them on the stage in a city near you supporting The Gettin' Off Stage 1 & 2 and commemorating their 10th album milestone.  The Piecelock 70 and Redefinition partnership is only the beginning as both parties are scheduling an onslaught of collaborations in months to come.  Get ready!  Or Stay Tuned...