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People Under The Stairs - The Gettin' Off Stage, STEP 2 (12" Vinyl Test Pressing EP)


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    • 30 hand-stamped tests were created of which 24 are available to the public (12 here + 12 there).
    • Each one is unique, numbered & signed by Thes One of People Under The Stairs!
    • Out of your budget? Don't worry... retail versions of this album are also available via Redef & PUTS.
    • Ships on 8/15. Please note that all items on order will hold until your entire order is in-stock and ready to ship.

    Here's your one and only chance to grab a piece of history, in the form of a one-of-a-kind test-pressing by People Under The Stairs (first time ever). Tests will likely shows signs of light use / handling.

    These are super limited in quantities as they are real test pressings, not manufactured as collectibles (Please DO NOT buy these with intentions of flipping it on discogs or ebay. We'll be watching!).

    SIDE A
    1     Back From The Dead     
    2     Graffiti On A High School Wall     
    3     Feels Good     

    SIDE B
    4     Nightrunners     
    5     STE For Superheroes     
    6     After These Messages

    Performed by Thes One & Double K
    Produced by Thes One