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Miner League Vol. 1 - Joe Buck x Redef x K-Def x Damu The Fudgemunk (2x Print)


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You get a pair of 5X7" Limited Edition PRINTS / Postcard Records designed by Joe Buck.


Is it a print, or is it a record?  It's both, technically.  It's a "postcard record," which is essentially a piece of PAPER with vinyl grooves pressed into a very thin layer of gloss lamination on one side.  How does it sound?  Honestly, they sound extremely noisy!  But what do you really expect a piece of paper to sound like?  Don't buy this expecting an audiophile quality pressing or anything that you can play out or as part of a set.  The sound quality is noisy and due to the sensitive nature of the postcard material.  5x7 frames are easy to come buy so these prints are the perfect size to frame and hang up on your wall.

Volume 1 includes BOTH prints as pictured above.  Not sold separately.

NOTE 1: The SP1200 postcard features a track from Damu The Fudgemunk's How it Should Sound LP.  

NOTE 2: The MPC60 postcard features the original demo version of one of K-Def's most popular productions from the early 90s. 

Both tracks are available for free download, whether you buy a copy or not.  Enjoy.