Damu & Flex Mathews - Live From WonkaBeats Vol 1 (10" Vinyl, Gradient Color)


Fun, Unique & Limited Edition Vinyl release from producer Damu The Fudgemunk, featuring fellow Washingtonian, MC Flex Mathews.  All copies pressed on orange-yellow gradient color vinyl.

With or without purchase, this entire release is available for free stream / download, along with a bonus online only interview:

Live From Wonkabeats Volume 1 is a one-take, live freestyle session captured by Damu on his trusty Tascam pocket recorder. Press play and travel back to October 17th, 2011 and listen in as Damu plays live and unheard beats straight outta his MPC, while Flex Mathews kicks freestyle raps. In between freestyles Damu and Flex can be heard cracking jokes, reminiscing about the good ol days when they were a duo performing live shows and more.

  • Limited Edition Pressing on Yellow / Orange, "Half & Half" color vinyl 10"
  • Live In-Studio recording featuring a one-take freestyle / interview session
  • Now Shipping Early  (Worldwide Release Date is September 2nd 2014)
Side A:  Damu plays Live Beats while Flex Mathews Freestyles. Captured on a Tascam DR-3 Pocket Recorder (13:46)  
Side B:  Damu plays more beats while Flex continues to freestyle. Flex Mathews discusses life & drinks Deer Park water (14:32)