Klaus Layer - Restless Adventures (LP, Mint Green Vinyl)

    • 2nd Pressing of Klaus Layer's long out-of-print album, Restless Adventures
    • Mint Green Vinyl and updated jacket artwork
    • Exclusive product only available via Redef & HHV.DE
    • Stream / Download

    Kudos to Klaus for delivering a brave and experimental album to be enjoyed on numerous levels; it swings right for Hip-Hop heads, has layers of exotic instrumentation on top, and potentially something else in-between for listeners who like to look for narratives in their music. Perhaps most impressively, it does all of this a lot more cohesively than the title would have you think. The (Restless) Adventures of Captain Crook continue...

    On Restless Adventures, the beloved East Coast aesthetic of his influences are inverted somewhat with what seems to be a preoccupation with the sublimity of the organic green world. The effects are minute, subtle, and highly effectual. The ambient sounds of nature that Klaus organically weaves between layers of snappy drums and warped samples could be described as both psychedelic and organic ... unfamiliar, yet strangely comforting.

    Klaus Layer uses his sampler as an instrument to construct the many layers of music all wrapped up in his songs. The Berlin Wall coming down was a huge event that opened up this musician’s mind and ears to whole new horizons, and it is a huge part of what he sounds like. Able to digest new music, artists, and movies, this historic time would propel him forward and shape his sound we know it today. Klaus’ fascination with antique bizarreness and the surreal grants his work a unique and instantly recognizable personality that transcends his inspirations. It’s a sound that demands and rewards repeat listens.


    SIDE A

    1. Inner Earth Vibe
    2. Another Season
    3. Through the Looking Glass
    4. Our Hearts
    5. Time Out

    SIDE B

    1. A Day Vision
    2. Happiness at the Lake
    3. Kaleidoscope
    4. Don’t You Care