Klaus Layer - Play Me An Old Melody - (45 / 7" Single)


Klaus Layer's "Spiel Mir Eine Alte Melodie" (Play Me An Old Melody) 45 brings two previously unreleased tracks to vinyl for the first time. Since first appearing in the below Youtube promo video for his Adventures LP, Spiel Mir Eine Alte Melodie has been the subject of numerous fan inquires about whether it would see an official release. Good news: it's here. Get your copy before they're gone.

Side A: Spiel Mir Eine Alte Melodie ("Play Me An Old Melody" Instrumental) 

Side B: Come Back (Instrumental)

Klaus Layer on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Klaus.Layer

Klaus Layer's Personal Soundcloud Page: @captain-crook
Adventures of Captain Crook Video: youtu.be/RPVNx74CeAU