K.A.A.N. - Uncommon Knowledge EP - Produced by K-Def - (12" Vinyl)


Vinyl Debut from Maryland's super lyricist, K.A.A.N. - EP produced entirely by veteran K-Def.

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      01    Intro

      02    Music
      03    Warning - Interlude
      04    Perspective
      05    Dope

      06    Be Strong - Interlude

      07    Responsibilities
      08    Moving - Interlude
      09    No Rest

      Written & Performed by Brandon "K.A.A.N." Perry
      Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Kevin “K-Def” Hansford

      About K.A.A.N. / Uncommon Knowledge

      Since hip hop's golden era, a cycle repeats every few years when a new rapper emerges with a presence and skill so undeniable, the artform and its participants adapt to it's latest contributor.  Titans like Rakim, Nas, Snoop, Tupac, Biggie, DMX, and recently pop stars like Kanye, Drake and Kendrick Lamar each reconstructed expectations and trends associated with MCing following their emergence.  25 year old, Howard County, Maryland native, Brandon Perry also known as K.A.A.N. (pronounced Kon) has the talent and qualities to once again write a new chapter in the rap instruction manual.  Everyday, innovations in the tech realm bring us one step closer to digital perfection.  Throughout centuries philosophers, scientists, physicists and doctors alike have built upon the discoveries of their predecessors, helping mankind evolve and "know-it-all.  When your moniker is an acronym for "Knowledge Above All Nonsense" (K.A.A.N.), hip hop is going to hold you accountable.  Accountability and credibility are not only evident in K.A.A.N.'s music, but equally obvious in his work ethic and output.  In a short time span, as he has been honing and developing his craft in real time, the rapper has organically amassed tens of thousands of followers across numerous social media platforms and consistently generated hundreds of thousands of plays via soundcloud and youtube from his multiple projects.  Those statistics are only increasing daily.  Some of the biggest names in the industry have extended admiration and support of K.A.A.N.'s movement.  Cosigns from Chuck D, features on NPR, and regular performances on both US coasts are among the many stripes the newcomer has earned.

      His vinyl debut entitled Uncommon Knowledge on Redefinition Records adds another notch to his belt, in that K.A.A.N. had the honor of working exclusively with legendary music producer K-Def (Real Live, LL Cool J, Ghostface, Diddy) for an entire EP.  Connecting the dots to K-Def's opus, 1993's "Chief Rocka" (by Lords of the Underground), a personal favorite of the young rapper, was the icing on the cake while collaborating (he realized the man he was working with produced one of his favorite songs from his youth).  K-Def felt equally humbled to once again work with emerging talent, especially when considering K.A.A.N.'s unique, shock-and-awe approach to song structure and lyrical composition, as well as his appreciation for 90's production.  While he's far from a simple throwback revivalist, and his catalog to date shows him effortlessly experimenting with various and emerging production styles, K.A.A.N. admits he holds a "soft spot for the 90's and boom bap."  Listening to him rhyme may remind an experienced hip hop head of rap's greats and while K.A.A.N. respectfully gives credit where due when speaking of his influential mc's, he attributes just as much of his inspiration to his fandom and study of artists from other genres including Nirvana and Johnny Cash.  The old saying goes, "Knowledge is Power", yet for such a popular catchphrase, common sense is still arguably uncommon.  Leave it up to K.A.A.N. to take intelligence from rarity to readily available for the masses.

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