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K-Def - The Exhibit (CD)


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  1.  Exhibit 2A featuring Seven Shawn of World Renown
  2.  The Fundamentals featuring Blu & Quartermaine
  3.  Improvs From The Brain (Instrumental)
  4.  Mind Boggled (Instrumental)
  5.  Get Your Mustard (Instrumental)
  6.  Relay The Piece (Instrumental)
  7.  Lost My Thought Part 1 (Instrumental Intermission)
  8.  Stay Thinking About Music (Instrumental)
  9.  Belly Pots (Instrumental)
  10.  Sitting At The Crib Pondering [Times Change Part 2] (Instrumental)
  11.  Chord Tester (Instrumental)
  12.  Rock It (Instrumental)
  13.  Lost My Thought Part 2 (Instrumental Outro)