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J-Zone - Fish-N-Grits (Vinyl LP Test Pressing)


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Exclusive. Limited to 20 units. Now Shipping.


Finally! FISH-N-GRITS Vinyl Test Pressing available now. Very limited stock.

  • Limited to just 20 units available to the public (25 test pressings were created)
  • Packed in a 2 sided, screen printed test pressing jacket.
  • Each is unique with all details written in by hand (not pictured here). Hand stamped by J-Zone and signed by Swagmaster Bacon.
  • Tests may show light signs of handling as some of them were were actually used to test the sound quality of the album prior to production.
  • You really don’t need this, so just wait for the retail version.
  • Seriously you don’t need it… So don’t stress out if it sells out (it will), because you’ll be able to buy the retail version in stores worldwide and/or via & (J-Zone's site) by July 29th (likely even sooner, so stay tuned).