• Earl Davis - Breaks With Mistakes (CD)

Earl Davis - Breaks With Mistakes (CD)

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  • Impromptu breakbeat sessions recorded live in Los Angeles and Jersey City by Earl Davis (AKA Damu The Fudgemunk)
  • Breaks With Mistakes features 39 royalty free breaks with tempos ranging from 74 to 118 BPM
  • Processed by veteran producer / engineer K-Def
  • CD Limited to 500 units in mini LP-style packaging
  • Also available on VINYL & CASSETTE


For the loyal and expanding audience of hungry producers and DJ's worldwide, Redefinition Records' latest contribution entitled "Breaks with Mistakes" is the ideal tool for sample based artists looking for fresh & unique drums to add to their creativity. Following in the footsteps of J-Zone's "Lunch Breaks" and Pat Van Dyke's, "PVD Breaks", this is for the serious beat lovers. Breaks with Mistakes features a whopping 39 brand new, exclusive, royalty-free drum breaks ready to be the driving force of your next hit. The sounds in this collection were performed by a live drummer (Redef’s own Earl Davis), recorded during impromptu sessions at studios in Los Angeles and Jersey City. Ranging in a variety of patterns, tones and tempos from 74 BPM to 118 BPM, Breaks with Mistakes retains the human feel and was created with the producer in mind. Whether you sample to loop or chop, this will answer the call and intentionally, all the breaks here focus on kick, snare, hi hat, ride cymbal and the occasional tambourine with minimal drum fills and no toms.

The entire record was curated, mixed and mastered by veteran Hip Hop producer/former House of Hitz engineer K-Def from several hours of drum sessions. Only the best material made the cut; making it instantly useful in your next production. K-Def also chose to minimize effects such as reverb in way that gives users more freedom to control and color their own sound, allowing producers to easily develop new character from the punchy & dry hits. Though this the perfect record, the imperfect title is a call to the loose drumming and spontaneous grooves played by the drummer. Our philosophy on drums is, "If it's broken, don't try to fix it" and the end results are some of the most natural breakbeats you can get your hands on at a budget friendly price. These are beats you just can't beat … not buying Breaks With Mistakes is a mistake in itself!


01    074 BPM
02    080 BPM
03    084 BPM
04    080 BPM
05    088 BPM
06    089 BPM
07    090 BPM
08    093 BPM
09    094 BPM
10    095 BPM
11    096 BPM
12    096 BPM
13    097 BPM
14    100 BPM
15    100 BPM
16    103 BPM
17    104 BPM
18    105 BPM
19    113 BPM

01    080 BPM
02    084 BPM
03    089 BPM
04    094 BPM
05    095 BPM
06    096 BPM
07    097 BPM
08    097 BPM
09    098 BPM
10    098 BPM
11    099 BPM
12    100 BPM
13    100 BPM
14    101 BPM
15    101 BPM
16    104 BPM
17    104 BPM
18    105 BPM
19    118 BPM
20    ### BPM (Bonus)