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J-Zone & Pablo Martin are The Du-Rites (Vinyl LP Test Pressing)


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NOTE: This is a real test pressing and there are only 7 available for sale (all are signed by Zone and Pablo). It's not cheap but you are not obligated to buy it. In fact, we suggest you don't buy it! Wait for the retail version which will be 1/3rd of the cost ($21 to be exact). We'll have that in stock soon enough, as will J-Zone in his shop.

  • Limited to just 7 test pressing units available to the public (1 per customer).
  • Exclusive / Now Shipping (Retail Version & Cassettes will also be available, for much less
  • Hand written details. Signed by BOTH J-Zone & Pablo Martin!
  • REAL TEST PRESSING. Tests may show light signs of handling as some of them were were actually used to test the sound quality of the album prior to production.


The Du-Rites...

Ever order a kale salad and discover a neckbone in it? That’s funk. Ever written a love letter on a chicken grease-stained napkin? That’s funk. The Du-Rites are without a doubt the soundtrack to both of those situations, but by definition, The Du-Rites are a duo of New Yorkbased multi-instrumentalists comprised of Pablo Martin (guitar, bass, synthesizer) and J-Zone (drums, organ, bass, turntables, percussion instruments that require little skill).

Funk comes from so many places that it’s hard to visit them all, but the duo manages to do just that on their self-titled (and almost wholly instrumental) debut LP on Old Maid Entertainment / Ilegalia Records (with Vinyl LP & Cassette Versions on Redefinition Records). From the greasy, lo-fi and syncopated grooves of the late ‘60s (“Bug Juice,” “Git’n Off,” “Ghetto Ferris Wheel”); to ‘70s cop show funk (“The Chief & I,” “Hustle”); to the slick stomp of the early ‘80s (“Du-N-It”), The DuRites have membership at both the rib shack and the discotheque.

With influences ranging from the obvious (Booker T. & The MGs, Lalo Schifrin, Cameo, Kool and the Gang, The Meters, Jimi Hendrix, P-Funk, Motown, Herbie Hancock, and James Brown) to the obscure (overlooked late ‘60s funk bands Warm Excursion, TSU Toronadoes, and Willie & The Mighty Magnificents), The Du-Rites manage to bounce from improvisational, raggedy and psychedelic to tight and snappy with the skip of a track. Pablo’s proficiency in punk, disco, pop and Latin and J-Zone’s deep roots in hip-hop and jazz-funk combine to make one of the more off-kilter, but undeniably funky instrumental long players you’ll dig into.

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