• Damu The Fudgemunk - T.E.K.S. (The Essential Kilawatt Sessions) (LP, White Vinyl)
  • Damu The Fudgemunk - T.E.K.S. (The Essential Kilawatt Sessions) (LP, White Vinyl)

Damu The Fudgemunk - T.E.K.S. (The Essential Kilawatt Sessions) (LP, White Vinyl)

  • LP: 12" white vinyl, heavy stock and high gloss jackets
  • Limited edition of 500 copies on white vinyl
  • Damu's critically acclaimed, long out-of-print debut EP, updated with new artwork and bonus/previously unreleased material


On the heels of his recent brand new album Vignettes, Redefinition is repackaging and reissuing Damu the Fudgemunk's critically acclaimed debut EP that has long been out of print.  Updated with new artwork, the project includes all 5 vocal tracks that feature MC, Raw Poetic in their entirety with selected instrumentals, bonus outtakes and previously unreleased material all presented on one disc of vinyl.  The title, "The Essential Kilawatt Sessions" is more than adequate being that numerous bits and pieces of Kilawatt related tracks have been shared with fans over the years.

This latest installment definitively ties all of the essentials across 2 sides and gives fans the opportunity to own a quality piece that has been out of circulation for almost 8 years since its original release (Import) on Kilawatt Music UK (Thanks Simon!). The music packaged in the project is some of the finest hip hop crafted in the last 2 decades.  All fundamental characteristics are timelessly executed at a very high level from Raw Poetic's lyrics and rapping to Damu the Fudgemunk's production and scratching.  A visual example of the chemistry between the artists is showcased in the popular video for the single "Hole up,” which captures both Damu and Poetic in an energetic b-boy inspired vamp, complete with flawless rapid fire rapping and cuts.

This is quintessential for Damu and/or Raw Poetic fans alike.  Make sure this music is your collection.

T.E.K.S. (The Essential Kilawatt Sessions):
01. Day By Day - Vocal Version
02 Prosper - Vocal Version
03 Hole Up - Goodbye Vibes Vocal Version
04 Streamline - Vocal Version
05 Wonka Beat 0 - Instrumental
06 Day By Day - Main Instrumental
07 Wonka Beat 2 - Instrumental
08 Prosper - Main Instrumental
09 Hole Up Goodbye Vibes Instrumental
10 Streamline - Demo Instrumental