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Damu The Fudgemunk - Supply For Demand (12" LP - 1ST PRESSING)


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Damu's 2010 classic, straight from the archives, in very limited quantities!

Watch Damu's interview from 2010 and learn more about the album and his motivations behind the music...


  1. Supply For Demand
  2. DC Joint (Ward 4 Version) (Vocals by Damu) (For Redef Fans, this is a must read: Check out Damu's lyrics, with detailed links and insights behind key mentions and references)
  3. Wonka Beat 4
  4. Bright Side 25th Bday Remix (Vocals by Damu)
  5. Wonka Beat 5
  6. Killin’ Time Rhyme (Vocals by Damu)


  1. Don’t Do It (Y Society, Vocals by Insight) (Jesse Puma, and friend and director of this music video has since gone on to win 3 Emmy Awards!) 
  2. Wonka Beat 6
  3. DC Joint (Only Built For Washingtonians) (Instrumental)
  4. Don’t Do It (Instrumental)
  5. Bright Side Remix (Jazzley Ou’Francis Instrumental)
All songs produced by Damu The Fudgemunk / Album artwork by Joe Buck