Damu The Fudgemunk - Public Assembly 2 (CD)

Damu the Fudgemunk's Public Assembly Vol 2 (CD)

  • Features unreleased tracks and demos from the Redef archives, including the rare, highly-sought after track "Brooklyn Flower" for the first time available for commercial release (Extended version varies from the original promo only 7" courtesy of Slice of Spice Records)
  • CD includes bonus tracks
  • Also available on Gold or Black Vinyl


01 - Coffee Run 45 Mix (Coffee Table, How It Should Sound Style)
02 - Time Leak (Redef Remix, Instrumental Version)
03 - Detour (Made in ’06)
04 - Brooklyn Flower (Alternate Extended Version)
05 - Side Track (2006 Bonus Beat)
06 - DC Joint (2010 OG Demo, Instrumental Version)
07 - When The Winter Comes (2006 Demo, Instrumental Version)
08 - All Green (Redef Remix, Instrumental Version)
09 - Wonka Beat 1 (OG Demo Mix)
10 - Prosper (OG Mono Basement Demo, Instrumental Version)
11 - Day by Day (2009 Demo Version, Instrumental)
12 - Faster Rhyme For Self (Vocal Version by Damu)
13 - Spirit of Ummah (Randi Re-Arranged. Composed 2011)
14 - Wonka Beat 7 (from the rare, out of print 2010 "More Supplies" 45)

Exactly one year after Volume 1, Damu answers the people with Public Assembly Volume 2, a second installment of quality instrumentals in his signature style. What started as a collection of music curated with the help on his fanbase via social media has turned into another franchise title for Redefinition Records. Over the last 6 years, Damu and his Redef label have released numerous projects big & small across every major format. The music heard on Public Assembly Volume 2 is more like a family reunion than a collection. The release unites sought after rarities, unreleased compositions, archived demos and fan favorites, all gathered on 2 variations of LP in gold (limited) or black vinyl. These instrumentals will not come as a surprise to long time fans of the DC native. However, with the consistent demand of his music in the vinyl market and tracks sourced from rare, out of print titles featured on the release, listeners will have the opportunity to own some of the music missing from their record collections. The Public Assembly series is certainly about providing sounds the fans first. For recent fans and newcomers, Volume 2 is a great introductory title into the vast catalog of Damu the Fudgemunk and will serve as the roadmap to discovering more of his music. Designer and visual artist Joe Buck provides the cover art continuing his long standing partnership with Redef records.

Public Assembly Volume 2 is Damu the Fudgemunk's first full release of 2015. The album is the launch of many long awaited and brand new full length titles to follow throughout the year on Redefinition Records.