Blu - The Clean Hand: Twit One Remix (10")


Blu, NWC & Redefinition teamed up with the good folks at HHV (German record store/record label) to bring you an exclusive 10" EP, only available here in our shop and at at!

Blu x Twit One - The Clean Hand Remix EP: 10" Vinyl EP

What's the story? German producer / Hi-Hat Club member Twit One reimagined Blu's "The Clean Hand" (originally produced by Pete Rock) with his trademark sound and added 4 bonus beats (plus the remix instrumental) to create the exclusive "Clean Hand Remix EP". This 10" is the first official collaborative release between Redefiniton Records & HHV.

Note: If you're new to Twit One, be sure to check out his numerous vinyl releases, especially our favorite, SteppinStones, on the great Melting Pot Music label outta Germany.

Side A 

  1. Blu - The Clean Hand (Twit One Remix)
  2. Green Serge - Bonus Beat
  3. K-TX934 - Bonus Beat
Side B
  1. Kernseife - The Clean Hand Remix Instrumental
  2. Seitenstiche - Bonus Beat 
  3. Spanish fly - Bonus Beat
All Songs Produced by Twit One