Top selling Washington, D.C. based Hip-Hop artist & label owner releases 2-hour instrumental concept album

  • New concept album from respected record producer / DJ / Multi-instrumentalist, Damu the Fudgemunk, entitled "Vignettes"
  • Available now (January 18, 2017) worldwide, on all music formats, including innovative 3LP vinyl, 2CD & Double-Cassette packages (one actually includes a limited edition retro viewfinder & photo reel)
  • Full 2-hour album generously available for FREE DOWNLOAD via Soundcloud

Landing Page on Artist Website:

Washington, D.C., January 18, 2017 / Redefinition Records - Staying relevant without any social media profiles and sustaining as a producer with zero track placements, Hip Hop musician Damu the Fudgemunk unveils his 2-hour Magnum Opus, "Vignettes". According to Merriam-Webster, "Vignettes" means, a short descriptive literary sketch/brief incident or scene (as in a play or movie). The album is aptly titled where 15 musical scenes each with their own unique settings are stitched harmoniously together to provide a universal message to the audience in which they use the gift of their own interpretation. With no pre set boundaries on running time, the listener is given an unfiltered front row performance into the heart, mind and soul of the the artist. This latest effort from Damu the Fudgemunk is of typical and unorthodox proportions. Musically, it's what you should expect from the man who brought you countless critically acclaimed best selling instrumental albums. Intellectually, it's his most vulnerable piece of work to date.

The producer says “Vignettes is a true example of 'art imitating life.' All the commentary/music is a collection of my personal experiences and those reflections applied to music to document an honest depiction of my current perspective on life and the world we share." Hoping to challenge and inspire the listener through a musical narrative, it's content is open ended. Any resulting opinion that provokes thinking is encouraged given the message in this "Vignettes" album.

Even the art direction is intentionally abstract and undefined to welcome the attention of all people. All but the exception of one of the 15 tracks on this project are completely instrumental. MC, Raw Poetic graces the only vocal cut, entitled "Openings" which he also receives co-production credit.

Sonically, "Vignettes" pulls inspiration from many popular & obscure styles of music. From soul, funk & blues, rock to jazz, country, electronic/synth, classical, gospel, everything is mixed into a new composite blend. Though numerous influences are in the genetic makeup of "Vignettes", it should not be overlooked that this album should be regarded as part of Hip Hop's repertoire. Damu the Fudgemunk had the following to say about the album:

"If I were to name prominent musical influences on this particular album it would be 70's jazz fusion, 70's progressive rock, early electronic analog modular synth & experimental music, David Axelrod (on the song "Openings"), The Beastie Boys, Stereolab, Isaac Hayes, James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic, Peaking Lights, Chaz Bundick, Dungen and dozens of hip hop artists. In addition to the social message, I think all of these influences are extremely evident when playing the project in full and strike any listener with well seasoned diverse musical tastes. I'm proud to have used various segments of artist's expressions to reiterate these beliefs. None of this could be possible without those influences. I made a sincere effort to capture integrity and maintain strong context of everything audible on Vignettes all the way to Redef's album artwork and deluxe packaging items. I recommend to anyone playing the album, it's best consumed in it's entirety with undivided attention. The experience of Vignettes is similar to committing your attention span to a 2 hour movie. I approached it's composition like a director. It was composed, produced and recorded between Aug-Sep 2016 

The composition and technical details of Vignettes are so well executed, that the listener can't escape questioning the artist's creative process. Though Damu the Fudgemunk takes great pride in being at the top his craft among his respected peers, he ironically has different goals for the reception of this release. When asked in a promotional interview Damu spoke on downplaying emphasis of musicianship saying;

"All of my music is personal to me, but I feel a unique bond with the music on Vignettes specifically because of the experiences I collected prior to and while assembling the album. Initially, I just set out to make a new record, but life took precedence over the creative process, my artistic intentions and my preconceived outcome of what my album should accomplish. Regardless of our differences and personal beliefs, I think we all share scientific and spiritual connectivity. With that link, we share a responsibility to preserve that synchronicity for the continuation of all life. Vignettes is a spinoff of these realizations and a small effort to put these sentiments into our universe. As an artist it is a privilege make art and products that are consumed internationally no matter the positive or negative feedback. In this lifetime thus far, thousands of people have witnessed something I have dedicated most of my existence to. I hope that this album resonates with the audience more than anything else on my behalf. It's not about the music itself. It's not about me or the producer you know as Damu the Fudgemunk. It's not about the MPC or whatever gear was employed. Vignettes is about feeling. How will this touch you? How will this remind you of your life's journey? Will it change your course? Can those feelings lead you to somewhere or someone else? I can honestly say that's what Vignettes has done for me (disregarding my involvement). To those who grant this album the full 2 hours of their attention span, I could only wish they're inspired in some way. As an artist, I can cannot thank them enough for granting their time to hear what's in my heart. I hope Vignettes reaches as many people as possible."

Assisting in the artist’s vision, Redefinition Records is giving the full uncut "Vignettes" album away for free via all major streaming outlets, from Spotify to Apple Music, as well as making it available for free download on SoundCloud, hoping to connect as much of the worldwide web to the album. And of course Vignettes is also available on just about every format you could desire, from classy 3LP packages in your choice of black or white color vinyl, to double CD and double cassette, as well as a handful of exclusive bundles that feature retro viewfinders and turntable slipmats, autographed posters and more, sold exclusively online at


  1. Dial Up, Dial Down

  2. The High Light Zone

  3. Offering

  4. Conviction

  5. Get Lost to be Found (Inner Space)

  6. Plea Jargon

  7. Solitary Refinement

  8. Openings featuring Raw Poetic

  9. Grace Value (for Eddie)

    Assemblage for Mortal Eternity, I-VI

  10. I, Remembrance

  11. II, Awakening

  12. III, Current

  13. IV, Perpetual Purpose

  14. V, The Verdict?

  15. VI, Ascension to Earth


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Artist Name: Damu the Fudgemunk (Earl Davis)

Origin: Born and raised in Washington DC, his musical foundation is rooted in traditional hip hop and inspired by the genre’s key architects from the 80's-90's, but he credits many influences from all genres of music to emerge in the last century. He’s been releasing records for over a decade to the adoration of a cult following. Known to DJ, produce, record, mix/engineer all of his works from a home in NW DC, Damu is a solo artist and co-owner of Redefinition records. 2017 marks ten year milestone as solo artist. His solo debut came in 2007 on the album, Travel at Your Own Pace" by Y Society (Insight and Damu the Fudgemunk).

Notable facts: Damu has sold tens of thousands of records (predominantly vinyl) as a solo artist and also as a label co- owner for Redefinition Records in the last decade with little to no publicity, no major collaborations and no major “co- signs” from music press / tastemakers. His vinyl releases are in high demand and a top selling artist in today's indie vinyl market. He headlined a European tour ("The Washingtonian in Europe Tour") as a solo act in winter of 2015 to positive responses from thousands of fans throughout Europe. Especially rare and notable these days: he found success in modern music industry without utilizing any major social media platforms such as twitter, facebook and instagram. He’s been able to grow and sustain thanks to a loyal, core audience through word of mouth and grass roots digital promo/content tactics. His production skills have gained the respect of many of his peers and impressed many established legendary artists whom he admired and looked up to while developing his talents in younger years. He’s also been featured in Mass Appeal's popular "Rhythm Roulette" web series and has well over 3 million collective views across his various youtube uploads.

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