Def Dee - Deja Vu - (Limited 12" Vinyl LP)


Deja Vu is the vinyl debut from Seattle-bred / Brooklyn-based producer Def Dee featuring a stellar cast of guest MCs & Redef affiliates.

  1. Deja Vu Intro
  2. Place Your Bet (Instrumental)
  3. C’mon Now (Instrumental)
  4. Church (Instrumental)
  5. We Back Interlude (Instrumental)
  6. Clan In Front Feat. Zar & Kaimbr
  7. Marciano Feat. Roc Marciano
  8. I’m Ghetto (Instrumental)
  9. New Burners Feat. Blu, La, Flex Matthews
  10. My Own Category Interlude Feat. Damu The Fudgemunk
  11. Ay Girl Skit
  12. Pay More Attention (Instrumental)
  13. Toss n Turn Feat. One Be Lo
  14. Yeah Feat. El Da Sensei
  15. Beau Feat. Raw Poetic

Deja Vu is the sophomore release from Seattle’s torch bearing producer / vocalist, Def Dee. Building upon a potent and well received discography that includes a standout beat tape known as “Cheap Heat” as well as his debut album, 33 and a Third (released on Mello Music Group), Deja Vu is Def Dee’s testament to quality hip-hop. The project is a unique listen and plays especially well as a complete album. It has a Lyricist Lounge vibe but Def Dee isn’t simply rehashing the sounds of yesterday; his approach to unquantized rhythms and samples is unique and sonically refreshingly.

Though this is Dee’s second full length, it is his first appearance on vinyl through a special venture with Redef Records via friend/ mentor, Damu the Fudgemunk. To mark the occasion, Def Dee was given the task of producing a complete work and he delivered with ease, showing that he can bang with the best of them. On Deja Vu, Def Dee acts as music director while an accomplished team of MCs effortlessly covers a wide variety of topics and ideas throughout the program. The album features a handfull of instrumentals alongside cameos by Roc Marciano, El Da Sensei, Blu, One Be Lo, Raw Poetic and other creatives. Def Dee is making a strong statement with Deja Vu. Are you listening?


Get Deja Vu on iTunes or BandCamp  ||  VINYL version is also available at Fat Beats, UGHH, & HHV