Klaus Layer - For The People Like Us - Cassette Tape


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  • Germany's Klaus Layer is back with something "For The People Like Us" (Instrumental tape)

For The People Like Us is the latest journey into Klaus Layer's sound; a cross-section of his musical psyche. Like any true journey there is both the harsh and the calm, with beat structures and melodical backdrops ranging from the serene to the straight-villainous, and a personal motive - these are defining beats crafted atop the shoulders of Klaus' inspirations, and he's inviting the like-minded to listen.

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1. Welcome

2. For The People Like Us

3. Der Wieder Erwachende Zweig (Resurgent Branch)

4. The Sun is Up

5. Der Traum von Gestern (The Dream of Yesterday)

6. Animals Garden

7. Be As You Are


8. Keine Pantomime (No Pantomime)

9. I’m no Joke

10. Watching Fireflies

11. Coming to Your World

12. Symbol für Morgen (Symbol of Tomorrow)


    All Songs Produced by Klaus Layer

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