Y Society (Damu & Insight) - Know The Meaning (YELLOW Vinyl 7" Single)


Y Society - Know The Meaning b/w Rather Unique 2, Yellow Vinyl 7" (Limited Edition)

Redefinition Records reserved it’s 100th release for one of indie hip hop’s most obscure yet sought after groups, Y Society. Need proof? Just try to find a copy of their ‘07 debut LP “Travel At Your Own Pace” for less than a hundred bucks. Good news... they’re back. With almost a decade of radio silence since their debut, the group’s latest is a 45 featuring 2 heavy hitting tracks and tons of replay value.

MC Insight the Truncator and DJ/Producer Damu The Fudgemunk exhibit their talents in true school fashion, complete with carefully curated samples, energetic scratching and potent rapping.Y doesn’t slack conceptually either; “Know the Meaning” is an essay raising the debate on how musicians and their art are valued in the modern world. Insight challenges the listener to disprove his thesis while speaking of experiences, eyewitness accounts and using some the biggest rap icons as examples to make his case. The B-side is a fan favorite, Rather Unique 2, released digitally in 2008 and available now on vinyl for the first time in a new & improved mix. Rather Unique, pays homage to AZ’s 1994 Pete Rock produced original of the same name, in Damu’s reworked track and poetic commentary Insight is known for.

Packaged in a full color sleeve designed by Joe Buck (De La Soul), Y Society’s first 45 is one for the collection.

Also available on Bandcamp (below) & iTunes...