Supa Dave West - Beat Boxing (CD)


Supa Dave West's Beat Boxing (Instrumental Album) CD in mini LP style jacket with printed inner sleeve.

Stream the album below and be sure to pick up a copy on Vinyl, CD or Cassette (Also available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, & record stores worldwide) Said...

Supa Dave West comes through with some fresh new sonics on the stellar all-instrumental Beat Boxing LP. The man behind the boards on most of De La Soul‘s AOI series and roughly half of The Grind Date is back with 23 swinging, finely tuned blappers for your head to knock with. Whether you’re more keen to atmospheric cuts or rare boogie and distilled soul flips, the Queensbridge beatsmith has tastes for all pallets in this new and dynamic batch of MPC wizardy.

It’s no wonder we’ve found him in the mix for some of the greats, having been tapped by the likes of Talib KweliCommonGhostface Killah and (most recently) by Slum Village and the Dilla estate for “The Doe,” an offering from the upcoming posthumous The Diary release that features Jay Dee’s often forgotten bar dropping over Dave’s production. Put your feet up, your head back and bless the air with a righteous vibe-out score from Supa Dave West’s Beat Boxing LP. Just watch out for that screw-face, its a mean one. Get your first listen below, but be sure to cop via iTunes if your ears are as pleased as ours." - OKAYPLAYER

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