Klaus Layer - The Adventures of Captain Crook - Cassette Tape (2nd pressing)


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  • Klaus Layer's 2013 debut, "The Adventures of Captain Crook" finally back in stock, with new art for 2016.
  • Your choice of solid butterscotch or transparent yellow shell (yellow version is exclusive / limited)
  • Also Available: Picture Disc Vinyl Version
  • Download a Rip of this tape for free via soundcloud

The Adventures of Captain Crook by Klaus Layer

Side A

  1. All Of The Time (Instrumental)
  2. Company (Instrumental)
  3. Into a Sky (Instrumental)
  4. Illest In Charge featuring Blu
  5. In My Mind (Instrumental)

Side B

  1. Truly (Instrumental)
  2. Touch (Instrumental)
  3. Slow Down (Instrumental)
  4. Come Back featuring Blu & Scienze, Cuts by DJ V.Raeter
  5. Illest In Charge (Instrumental)   

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