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K-Def - Looking For The Perfect Break, Volume 1 (White Vinyl)


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Tired of hearing the same ol songs? So is K-Def.  From his House of Hits / Pirate Radio days (alongside the legendary Marley Marl), all the way through his current incarnation as a 'producer's producer,' it is safe to assume that the New Jersey native knows a thing or two about records. Looking For The Perfect Break Volume 1 provides a look into K's world, where new breaks and grooves are continuously being unearthed at a breakneck pace and ordinary sounds are run through K-Def's mixboard and morphed into new sonic creations. Much like the Chief Rocka himself, this live, 1-take mixtape on wax does not stand still for too long before K changes the pace and introduces new sounds into the sequence.  

This 12" features over 40 minutes of high fidelity audio, seamlessly mixed by K-Def (no drops or overdubs) and mastered by K-Def a frame-worthy jacket designed by Joe Buck.
Side A
21 minute seamless mix of rare grooves, breaks and more.
Side B
22 minute seamless mix of rare grooves, breaks and more.
Catalog #: RDF039
Artist: K-Def
Title: Looking For The Perfect Break, Vol 1
Format: 12" Vinyl featuring a rapid fire DJ mix