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UPDATED (November 10 2015):

K-Def recently shot an episode of Mass Appeal's Rhythm Roulette at Iris Records in Jersey City! Not only did he use all 3 records he selected, but he made one of the best beats in the whole series, in record time. Stay tuned as the episode is expected to hit the net in December. We'll post the ep here when it's live.


With less than four months left in the year, time is of the essence and producer K-Def has prepared several records to close out 2015. The veteran producer is putting on a show and plans to close out the year on top before he resets for 2016. Considered one of the most consistent and hardest working artists in the genre, there’s no room for dull moments in his schedule. Earlier in the year, along with with MC Raw Poetic, K released the unique and surprising full length, “Cool Convos in Quantum Speech,” to the delight of his fans. In less than a month following that, the Chief Rocka returned once again with ”Looking for the Perfect Remix Vol 1.” It was on that 45 where K showed some of his remixing abilities, reworking selected tracks from DJ EFN's Another Time (also available from Redef). The project featured elite MC's such as King T, Kurupt, O.C., and Royce The 5'9, plus underground favorites Fashawn, Reks and Your Old Droog. As a solo artist, K-Def's most popular title for 2015 dropped at the beginning of the summer simply entitled, Tape 2. Tape 2 is a continuation of 2014’s Tape 1 and focuses on K's beginnings as a beat maker, featuring music sourced from vintage beat tapes from the the late 80's through the definitive 90’s, which as the era in which K-Def’s prolific career was birthed (K was working under the tutelage of the legendary Marley Marl at The House of Hitz).

Now, just because summer is officially over, it doesn't mean the music stops. Like school, our work continues into the fall & winter seasons. K-Def is leading the way at Redef with at least three new projects all slated for release on vinyl as the year winds down. We're proud to share with you some previews and a bunch of links to recent K-Def related content that you may have overlooked or missed...

First up, we have the “Back to the Beat” Volume 2. The highly anticipated sequel from K-Def and the 45 King was assembled earlier this year as a nod to the satisfied listeners who appreciated the classic of their first effort, Back to the Beat Vol 1 (Vol 1 Vinyl is sold out, but the album is still available digitally on iTunes/Apple Music) or free to stream on Soundcloud). Like Vol 1, BTTB2 is fully instrumental and features K and 45 trading ideas, putting their affinity for their craft on display. Available this winter on vinyl, tape and digital (maybe CD too, if you request it).

Second in the lineup is Def’s next flagship solo release, The Unpredictable Gemini. Fans familiar with K-Def's Redef legacy albums such as One Man Band and Night Shift should be prepared to indulge in another high definition instrumental experience. The Unpredictable Gemini showcases his evolving style and genre pioneering tricks and techniques he continues to refine through the use of his unique production tools. Though we consider this one an instrumental effort, it does include one bonus track with vocals. Who are the guests on it?  We'll save the surprise for a later time, but here are some clues:
  • The bonus track has two MC's on it.  
  • The first guest has contributed significantly to Redef as a label and this is his first collaboration on record with K-Def.
  • Guest number two is a legendary MC and original member of DITC.
Stay tuned for more announcements on The Unpredictable Gemini, which will be released towards the end of the year.


So we've already announced two LP's and by now it should be evident that not only is K-Def unpredictable, but also that he has a soft spot for nostalgia and while he considers himself a forward thinker, he occasionally likes to reminisce over “The Way It Was.” We at Redef are often surprised at the "Ghetto Man's" output. The Way It Was is a special collection of tracks gathered from K's 20 plus year career as a Hip Hop producer. The album contains notable instrumentals originally released in the 90's during his House of Hitz run, many curated from cassettes, DAT's, floppies and even vinyl B-Sides to be reproduced/remastered for this collection. The 90's material is also accompanied by some special guest appearances by Redef affiliate Blu on 3 tracks, Quartermaine, Redef's newest addition Kunal, and even Damu the Fudgemunk (new vocal tracks created using old beats). When naming the album, K-Def chose the title, because the prominent theme of the music is that it was composed in the 90's using the techniques and tools of the era, including like the MPC 60 or MPC 3000, before K upgraded to using virtual instruments and software based platforms in the late 90s. The Way It Was is an essential release to any K-Def fan. Speaking of essentials, K was recently interviewed on Hip-Hop's Best podcast, The Cipher Show, which should not be missed.

Sidenote: Redef commissioned Klaus Layer to remix one of the K-Def / Blu collaborations taken from The Way it Was and the Remix will appear on an upcoming 45, featuring the Klaus Remix and instrumental version.


Believe it or not, in addition to what we announced there are more K-Def projects on schedule for Redef coming soon. Expect more information on upcoming projects as we move closer to the release dates, including some that may drop spontaneously. Also, be sure to follow K-Def on Instagram where he is extremely active. His IG is full of sonic experiments and he often debuts works in progress and has some of the most respected producers including vets like Diamond D, Jake One, Evil D and many more commenting and interacting with him, usually over the impact of what they’re seeing and hearing. Even Big Bub and R.A. the Rugged Man's teenage protege AFRO are checking for K's posts. In other K-Def news, our friends at Slice of Spice have finally announced their next full length which features K-Def and MC El Da Sensei (The Artifacts) collaborating under the moniker, "The Enforcers". The duo comes together like 2 Clint Eastwoods enforcing their agenda to preserve Hip Hop's dignity.

Release dates, pre-orders and other K-Def related content will be announced via Redef Twitter, Instagram and Blog, and here at redefinitionrecords.com

September 21, 2015 by Redef Records
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