Yeah (Music Video)
Def Dee ft. El Da Sensei

Take a walk through a New Jersey vinyl manufacturing facility with El Da Sensei in the music video for Def Dee's "Yeah." The track is available now on vinyl & digital formats via Def Dee's Deja Vu LP.

Special thanks to Jesse Puma for the excellent camera work and thanks to the good people at MasterCraft for letting us shoot the video in their facility while they were hard at work, making records. Mastercraft has been in business for several decades and provides plating services to many record pressing plants, a key step in the vinyl manufacturing process. If you wanna know more about how the machinery in the video works, check out this episode of How It's Made (segments of the show where shot at this same location). 


Get the Deja Vu album on VINYL here from us, or grap a copy from iTunes or BandCamp (Vinyl also available at Fat BeatsUGHH, & HHV).

September 14, 2014 by Redef Records
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