Vignettes ... Damu's next album. Available in January 2017!

UPDATE: Browse the Vignettes collection (Several packages & more)

"Vignettes is a true example of 'art imitating life.'  All the commentary/music is a collection of my personal experiences and those reflections applied to music to document an honest depiction of my current perspective on life and the world we share."  - Damu The Fudgemunk

VIGNETTES will be available worldwide in January 2017 on digital, double cassette, double CD and of course vinyl (3LP!)

NOTE: The triple vinyl version will be available exclusively from and not sold in any stores.

Pre-orders are coming soon along with a special Vignettes themed online pop-up shop in January.

December 22, 2016 by Redef Records

Redef & Friends on Mass Appeal's Rhythm Roulette Show!

This is a long over due post but a very potent one. It's no secret that we're blessed to know and work with some of the genre's best, most creative artists. After all, that's why you're here, right? The good news is that the folks at Mass Appeal...


September 22, 2016 by Redef Records

Society Collapse is almost here!

Several years in the making, Klaus Layer's highly anticipated Society Collapse album is now just a few weeks away from being released! Is this his best album yet?

Check out some tracks tracks & videos from below and decide for yourself. Also, stay tuned to our FB & IG channels as the release approaches for your chance to ...

September 08, 2016 by Redef Records

Subsoniq Best Of 2015 Playlist / Episode (feat. Damu)

Guest post via our friends at Subsoniq (episode features Damu The Fudgemunk).

Shout out to KB, K Murdock, & the whole Subsoniq crew.

"Here at Subsoniq we actually wait until the year is officially over to do our "Best of 2015" show.
This time around our good friend Damu joins us (starting on the 2nd break) to help hand pick the winning albums. Find out what album from 2015 Damu thinks is arguably the best hip hop LP of all time, why multiple artists from the D.C. area made the list and what legendary emcee of 20+ years came out with yet another album for the ages.
Plus hear great insight into the making of Damu's latest album "How It Should Sound Vol.3, 4 +5" and why he no longer seeks a presence on social media."
Subsoniq's Best Of 2015 Play List...
January 03, 2016 by Redef Records

Damu The Fudgemunk - How It Should Sound Vol. 3, 4 & 5

UPDATED (November 10 2015):
Now Available, HISS ABYSS! A surprise addition to the How It Should Sound Series in the form of an all new EP. Available on 10" Vinyl / Digital / And as part of the HISS 3, 4 & 5 2CD

HOW IT SHOULD SOUND Volumes 3, 4 & 5 by Damu The Fudgemunk is available in stores worldwide!


Quick Links... Get the album & More Info

    The positive response to HISS 1&2 (2010) was unexpected for Redef as a label and for Damu The Fudgemunk as an artist. Not long after it’s release, the project took on a life of it’s own and has continued to grow and evolve over the years. I started to think about how I wanted to do something special to acknowledge what is arguably my most popular record thus far. I figured...


    October 02, 2015 by Redef Records

    Society Collapse
    by Klaus Layer

    UPDATED (Nov 10, 2015):

    While we await the arrival of Klaus Layer's upcoming LP, Society Collapse, he dropped a new, unrelated 45 featuring a remix of Blu's "The Boys" (Available on Ltd Edition, clear & black splattered vinyl. Get yours here).


    Klaus Layer just dropped a new video to announce his next album which is titled SOCIETY COLLAPSE.

    Not much else is known at the moment, except that the album is said to be...

    September 22, 2015 by Redef Records

    What's Next? (Lots of info & previews)

    UPDATED (November 10 2015):

    K-Def recently shot an episode of Mass Appeal's Rhythm Roulette at Iris Records in Jersey City! Not only did he use all 3 records he selected, but he made one of the best beats in the whole series, in record time. Stay tuned as the episode is expected to hit the net in December. We'll post the ep here when it's live.


    Much more than we can summarize here. K-Def has 3 + albums dropping over the next couple months. Check out this lengthy this post for previews of K-Def's upcoming projects with 45 King, Damu, El Da Sensei, & Much More. Post includes lots of links and audio!

    Also ...

    September 21, 2015 by Redef Records

    Klaus Layer's
    Restless Adventures

    Klaus Layer's Restless Adventures album drops on January 20th, 2015.

    Grab your copy here at and we'll ship it to you early.

    Check out some of the tracks below, as well as a new video that Klaus put together to kick off the new year (note: the song in video is not on the Restless Adventures album).

    Click blog title to
    January 02, 2015 by Redef Records

    Lunch Breaks

    Redefinition Records sat down with the multi-talented J-Zone at his Queens NY studio for a conversation about his musical roots, why he started playing drums, and the ideas behind his latest project, "Lunch Breaks"

    Now Available on 12" VINYL & Cassette
    Enter the world of J-Zone, the self-proclaimed jack of all trades / master of none (mc / producer / drummer / author). Truth be told, Zone is one of...
    November 10, 2014 by Redef Records

    Yeah (Music Video)
    Def Dee ft. El Da Sensei

    Take a walk through a New Jersey vinyl manufacturing facility with El Da Sensei in the music video for Def Dee's "Yeah." The track is available now on vinyl & digital formats via Def Dee's Deja Vu LP.

    Get the Deja Vu album on VINYL here from us, or grap a copy from iTunes or BandCamp (Vinyl also available at Fat BeatsUGHH, & HHV).

    Special thanks to...

    September 14, 2014 by Redef Records